M. Lee Adamz – Bio

Areas of interest and study include theatre, writing, training, communications, hypnosis, eastern healing modalities, improvisation, playwriting, visual art, and yoga. M. Lee studied with Native American Medicine Teacher, Seneca Clan Mother, Twylah Nitsch, Wolf Clan, Cattaraugus Reservation.

Adamz creates from and teaches reclamation narrative, cousin to the Native American concept of story medicine. Adamz believes that from the sublime to the mundane, words are a fundamental vehicle for meaningful human exchange.

“Performance is the medium through which meaning exceeds words.

Now I choose Spoken Word as my form because it can be performed literally anywhere people can listen. I turned away from large conventional theatre when changes in technology were changing the industry. Those changes, and technology in general, silenced far too many voices yet unheard.

While we have become used to instant communication, we are collectively suffering from lack of human interaction; the response and benefit we get as we listen to stories unravel.

Simply –With nothing more than a place to sit and the sound of a human voice weaving words with another’s reality. –To walk, for a moment, someone else’s mile.

In a universe of bits and bytes and binary strings of more strings of …nothing…

we starve for the lull…

the organic, melodious elixir of the that sound.

Human sound.

And, the cellular, sensory recall that reminds us of our sameness.” M. Lee Adamz

M. Lee Adamz is an unwavering adherent to the separation of church and state; voting rights for all Americans; the rights of women as autonomous beings; the protection of children and the planet, the absolute equality of the LGBTQIA community and Persons of Color. She attended her first march for school integration in grade four, after which neighborhood adults rioted and attacked the elementary school. -With the children still in it.

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