Quantum Crush


This piece is dedicated to my tribal family with whom I survived adolescence.

Especially J.A. who connected the quantum dots.

Time is no one’s bitch.

This piece “bubbled up” after my precious visit to the place I once lived. -Once survived.

A mid-decade reunion: wise, because years tick by and the world is nuts.

Crone age is gorgeous and delicious. The women –my new, old friends- are saucy and powerful, and kinda’ randy. Good for them.

Men, who were jerks as boys, are sweet, tender, empathic, gentleman-like, and also kind of well…

The conversations that bubbled up really bubbled.

Hot soup for all my friends. Quick, now.

Our clocks are ticking!

7 thoughts on “Quantum Crush

  1. J.A.

    M.Lee… It was a thrill to have been able to reconnect after not seeing you since leaving the H/S building.
    And to have learned of your life’s tragic lows and amazing highs…!!!
    Amazing is what you are… JA


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